Apple just began making payments to small developers through their Small Developer Assistance Fund.

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Apple just began making payments to small developers through their Small Developer Assistance Fund.

As part of a lawsuit against Apple, US developers demanded that the company lower their "profit-killing" commission rates, which largely come from in-app purchases. As a result, Apple created a $100 million Small Developer Assistance Fund to help small development teams.

As long as you've earned less than $1 million per calendar year through the App Store, this opportunity is open to you. You'll also need to be a US developer who has sold paid apps or offered in-app purchases through the App Store between 4th June 2015 and 26th April 2021.

The cash bonus payout ranged from $250 to $30,000 and depended on the developer's qualification.

Developers who qualified for the payments have received their money:

Unfortunately, your application to the fund won't be considered. The deadline was 20th May 2022.

As a result of the lawsuit, Apple pledged to include three years of 15% less commission rates for small developers. They also allowed iOS developers to contact their customers without going through the app - with permission - to offer them other payment options.

Apple is launching a developer Q&A series that will give developers the chance to ask their questions and get feedback from experts in-person. They hope this will foster connections between developers, entrepreneurs, and Apple.

Developer Assistance Fund

iOS developers will have even more opportunities to interact with Apple experts with Ask Apple. By taking questions directly from the developer community, Apple has created a unique opportunity for programmers to get feedback and make connections.

Apple's vice president of worldwide developer relations, Susan Prescott, says the company has been listening to feedback from developers and they’re now focusing more on one-on-one support.

Our team is deeply committed to evolving our support for the diverse global developer community. We're excited about the opportunity to provide Ask Apple as another new resource.

Apple has reportedly been investing more time and money in making sure that its developers are successful. So far, the company has offered more than 200 live presentations and thousands of office hours to those who need assistance in just the past year.

Jordi Bruin, the app’s developer, claims that Apple's initiatives to engage directly with developers were invaluable. The sensor in AirPods is used to help improve a user’s posture.

Speaking with a technology evangelist at a Tech Talk helped me become more knowledgeable in the ways that AirPods can be used. We worked together to brainstorm and come up with features I had not considered before.

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As a designer, it's always great to get feedback from an expert in the field. Recently, I had the chance to talk with someone who knows UX design very well through Posture Pal's onboarding process. After that meeting, I tweaked the content and design of key screens in this app. Hearing their insights helped me to come up with design guidelines for my projects.

Ask Apple is a new resource for developers that will provide both public and private Q&A sessions.

Apple experts offer a variety of consultation services for developers working on mobile devices. Topics covered include testing on the latest seeds, implementing new frameworks, and adapting to new features like Dynamic Island. We’ll also prep your app for upcoming OS and hardware releases.

To apply for Ask Apple, please make sure that you're a member of the Apple Developer Program or the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. The first round of applications starts on October 17 and goes until October 21.

For developers who are interested in Ask Apple, visit the project page.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Me.

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