Apple Rolls out iOS 14.5, Beta 2

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This new update includes a new Apple music interface with the ability to share lyrics on your social media. Now you don’t have to Google the lyrics of your new favorite song because you can just share them on social media with a share icon just like you used to do with the whole song.  You can also use new swipe gestures that are offered in this new update. img 

One option is that it has shortcut actions for taking screenshots. If you are somebody who takes a lot of screenshots, you can now have them in an easy way. You don’t even have to touch two buttons at once because there is a shortcut action particularly for this. Then there is an option of setting screen orientation switching between cellular data modes between 5G, 5G Auto, 4G, or 3G depending on your iPhone model. As for the privacy concerns, there is good news. There is expanded support for iPad privacy features that are incredible. One of that features is that your microphone shutting off to keep your privacy. With this update version, users can even unlock their phones with their Apple watch.

Another cool thing is that you are going to get more than 200 new emojis. The most notable new emojis include the heart on fire, exhaling face, face in clouds, and gender options for people with beards. They wanted to come up with an extended version of human emotions. They also upgraded the headphone emoji with the new AirPods Max-inspired headphone design. There is also an updated syringe that removes the blood, making it more useful for conversations about the COVID vaccine and testing. In times like this, it is really necessary that you do anything to keep people prepared for what is necessary.

To work on this new update, the company Apple welcomed the teams from 13 app companies in its inaugural cohort for Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp for Black Founders and Developers. The program focuses on building technical skills and designing a great user experience through sessions, hands-on labs, one-on-ones with Apple experts and engineers, and more. People came from diverse backgrounds and worked on the update with one goal to bring a better user experience for its users. They use different approaches but working with like-minded people is definitely going to result in awesome. It was also reported that VC firm Harlem Capital will also offer mentorship to the team. 

The participants in the camp were from different app companies. The names of those apps include fitness app B3am, news app Black, music app Bar Exam, 3D photos app Film3D, MIDI Controller app FormKey, healthcare app Health Auto Export, gardening app Hologarden, remote learning solution Hubli (beta testing), game Justice Royale, sneaker enthusiast app Kickstroid, nail art app Nailstry, social app Peek: Movies & TV Shows and music app TuneBend.  

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