Apples Craig Federighi Warns EU DMA Will Open Pandoras Box

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Apples Craig Federighi Warns EU DMA Will Open Pandoras Box

A senior executive at Apple has issued a blunt warning to European officials over their proposed regulation that will allow for the sideloading of apps.

Sideloading of apps refers to when users can install software from third party websites, avoiding having to use Apple (or Google’s) official app store to install an app.

Apple software senior vice president Craig Federighi said in a speech on Wednesday that allowing iPhone users to install software from the web would open “Pandora’s box” and could pose threats to entire networks of computers, CNBC reported.

Pandora’s box

Federighi reportedly made the remarks at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, and his speech represents an escalation in Apple’s rhetoric and challenge to European efforts to open up the Apple ecosystem.

Apple is particularly concerned about the Digital Markets Act, which CEO Tim Cook has previously warned would result in Apple being forced to allow “sideloading,” or the ability to install iPhone apps from the web instead of through Apple’s App Store.

“European policymakers have often been ahead of the curve,” Federighi reportedly said.

“But requiring sideloading on iPhone would be a step backward. Instead of creating choice, it could open up a Pandora’s Box of unreviewed malware and software.”

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