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The island of Guam, located in the western Pacific Ocean, was hit hard by Typhoon Mawar. The powerful typhoon brought with it heavy rains and destructive winds, causing widespread damage to the island's infrastructure and leaving many residents without power. The typhoon, which formed on September 8, 2017, rapidly intensified as it approached Guam. It reached its peak intensity on September 10, with sustained winds of 120 mph and gusts up to 150 mph. The National Weather Service issued a typhoon warning for Guam and nearby islands, urging residents to take precautions and prepare for the storm. As the typhoon made landfall in Guam, it brought with it heavy rains and strong winds that caused extensive damage to homes, businesses, and public infrastructure. Trees were uprooted, power lines were knocked down, and roads were blocked by debris. All flights to and from the island were cancelled, leaving many travelers stranded. The island's power grid suffered extensive damage, leaving more than 40,000 residents without electricity. The government of Guam declared a state of emergency, and Governor Eddie Calvo urged residents to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel until the storm had passed. The typhoon also caused damage to Guam's tourism industry, one of the island's major sources of revenue. Many hotels and resorts were forced to close, and visitors were advised to postpone their trips until the island had recovered. Despite the widespread damage caused by Typhoon Mawar, the people of Guam showed incredible resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Emergency responders worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of residents, and volunteers came together to help those in need. In the aftermath of the storm, Guam began the process of rebuilding and recovery. The government and aid organizations worked together to provide assistance and support to those affected by the typhoon. Power was gradually restored to residents, and businesses resumed operations. While the damage caused by Typhoon Mawar was significant, the resilience and strength of the people of Guam ensured that the island would recover and rebuild. The experience of the typhoon served as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and community in the face of natural disasters. Keywords: typhoon mawar guam.

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