Logitech Will Host the First Music Awards Show in the Metaverse this Saturday

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Logitech Will Host the First Music Awards Show in the Metaverse this Saturday

You thought Lizzo was larger than life on Saturday Night Live earlier this month? Wait till you see her in Roblox.

The pop sensation will be a featured performer on this year’s Logitech Song Breaker Awards, which will premier Saturday, April 30, at 10:00 a.m. PST on Roblox, with three additional re-airings over the weekend. The show will also be co-streamed on YouTube. It is, says Logitech, the first music awards show to take place in the metaverse.

This is the second Song Breaker Awards, a ceremony honoring content creators who are influencing pop music. It’s being overseen by Logitech for Creators, a brand extension that markets mics and webcams to content creators. Last year’s show aired on TikTok, gathering 500,000 viewers. This year, organizers say they expect the number to be in the millions.

“We created the Song Breaker Awards in response to the Grammys,” says Meridith Rojas, global head of talent and entertainment at Logitech. “We noticed no one was talking about the creator. Today’s TikTok creators are the DJs. They curate the songs. They invite users on the platform to jump on the trend or dance. Then that craze turns the song into a hit.”

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