Begins Accepting ADA via Binance Pay

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  • has started accepting ADA as payment for travel bookings
  • Binance Pay gives a user option to pay straight from their Binance account.

According to a report, Travala customers can now use Cardano (ADA) and other cryptocurrencies via Binance Pay to book travel products. As a result, customers can easily book hotels, and flights using cryptocurrency.

Also, Travala customers using Binance Pay will have the option to pay straight from their Binance accounts. Furthermore, customers can choose with the 33 cryptocurrencies available in the Binance platform in paying Travala. Also, Travala will offer 10% cashback using Binance Pay on booking until March 31.

Created by Binance exchange, Binance Pay describes itself as a contactless, safe, and borderless cryptocurrency payment technology.

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