Thomas Woodfin

Knowledgeable and solution-focused software development leader able to manage projects efficiently while achieving business objectives by employing effective communication and organizational skills. Produce quality work by skillfully applying technical capabilities while progressing through the software development life cycle. Continuously build upon knowledge base and skills set by proactively seeking education opportunities and staying informed of technology advancements.

Project Management | Application Design | Troubleshooting | Debugging | Analysis | Customer/Client Service | Attention to Detail | Multitasking | Verbal and Written Communication.

  • Thomas Woodfin, 1942 Broadway Street Suite 314 Boulder, CO 80302
  • +1(303)324-4953


New York University


NYU Graduate Certificates iOS App Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing

Columbia University in the City 2012 of New York, New York, NY,


Graduate Certificate in Business

University of California, Berke- 2008 berkeley, Berkeley, CA,


Bachelor of Arts

Military Experience

United States Navy, Little Creek, VA,


Interior Communications Engineering Console Technician


NYU IOS App Development

NYU Graduate Certificates iOS App Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing

Contract Roles 02/2020 – 04/2020 New York

CIANDT.COM 12/2019 – 02/2020 Oakland,CA

Professional Experience

1099 Contractor for

Mar, 2022 to Present

Senior Mobile App Developer

  • Applied and mixed Swiftui & Swift language in the Bonvoy application.
  • Worked in Kotlin Android app module helping the Most Valuable Promotion feature integrating Chase API and American Express to display ads in 8 locations throughout the app the prefill the applications with Marriott API data such as name, address, phone number, and other details to make the credit card application more seamless.
  • Works on a feature to add this credit card, once approved with an Instant Credit feature, to the account profile automatically for the user to use this card to check out a room rental for a reservation.
  • The Android app used GraphQL and the IOS App was still using Restful APIs in Swift and migrating to GraphQL in the SwiftUI version which is yet to be released in the Apple App Store.
  • We followed a typical Scrum ceremony, sprint planning, sprint grooming on tickets, and QA process to validate the ticket completion process.
  • Add GraphQL plugin to Android Studio and sync web API updates.

The Five Network

Nov, 2021 to Mar, 2022

Senior React Native, Swift, and Kotlin Developer

  • Supported 3 different applications in Swift, Kotlin/Java and React Native. Inherited a 100% Java project and ended 55% Kotlin and 45% Java.
  • The Swift app used Fastlane to combine with the model view structure of file and folder creation and data flow using codable and decodable to parse the data models and built off the JSON responses.
  • The Android code base uses an MVVM structure with Jenkins.
  • I set up GitHub actions for Swiftlint, Klit and Bitrise. Bitrise was used in react Native.
  • The GitHub actions for Swiftlint enforce on the IOS pull request strict rules checks before passing for a human review.
  • Performed code review regularly to keep a high quality of codes.
  • Checked objectives and key results and share some experience with the entire department.
  • Organize our team meetings and team building. Followed a Scrum structure of sprint planning, and sprint grooming. Parking lot to discussions and popcorn approach to daily stand-ups. Documented code and third-party libraries in confluence. Improved the cleanliness of Android, IOS, and React Native codes to increase the readability, scalability and efficiency of the projects.
  • Researched and applied Apple's new feature to make this app more vivid; Due to the strict code control, the average crash rate was controlled below 0.4%.

May, 2021 to Nov, 2021

Senior IOS Engineer

  • Proven experience developing iOS mobile apps that work hardware access ories and sensors (Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, etc.)
  • Experience with Wearable’s such as Apple Watch,FitBit.
  • Optimize mobile applications by performing quality assurance, testing, troubleshooting, and debugging for new and existing iOS features.
  • Experience integrating and developing Applepay and messaging services.
  • Experience integrating and developing Applepay and messaging services
  • Congured Deeplinks, which is used to navigate into different parts opplications.
  • Experience with SQLite, Core Data, and CallKit to build a call blocker application that stored 5 million numbers locally.
  • Experience with ARKit to show an augmented reality scene.
  • Experience with MLKit to take a photo and query Fire store database to match and trigger an event action.
  • Employ leadership skills such as delegate work based on strengths and skillsets, provide team support and tech nical assistance, and comm unicate feedback in order to manage expectations and ensure timelines are met.

Edison Interactive

Feb, 2020 to May, 2021

Android App Developer

  • Android Structure Architectural Experience Jitpack.iO conguration for multiple modular based features integrated into another Kotlin based repository stack. Dagger Hilt for dependency injection.
  • Set up Retrot for network calls.
  • Set up co-routines for reactive programming.
  • Navigation component for activity/fragment interactions.
  • Code added in the Common module, so can be used across all project that is using this module.
  • Dagger Hilt setup.
  • Create a networking module to handle Retrot cong for API call.
  • Base classes (BaseActivity, BaseFragment and Base-ViewModel) with databinding.
  • Configure common useful extensions.
  • Additional utilize classes.
  • Functional, Interactor, Expection handler for UseCase implementation.
  • Added samples in features -> sample package for sample implementation and to test dagger implementation as well for good unit testing.
  • Provide expertise in developing applications for android opera- ting system using Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ Android studio, SQLite, Java, XM.

QWQER Services, LLC,

July, 2019 to May, 2021

Team Lead iOS App Developer

  • Oversee a team of engineers throughout the entire software development life cycle to create e-commerce iOS applications utilizing expertise in design patterns and objectoriented methodologies, as well as Swift5.0, SwiftUI, Objective-C, Cocoa, and current iOS 14 features.
  • Responsible for the architecture design, code review.
  • Responsible for the architecture design, code review, and technology build and deployment activities of mobile applications.
  • Manage iOS Developers team while defining their responsibilities for the projects and making sure that the products are delivered without any technical issues.
  • Provide expertise in Apple’s development tools and development environments to other developers and designers.
  • Provide leadership skills, including the ability to motivate and lead other talented developers and designers.
  • Work with Cocoa Touch and other SDKs for mobile development.
  • Continue improving the app quality if experience on a large number of devices.
  • AWS Cognito iOS SDK, Core Data, Connecting Decoder and Encoder to process RESTful APIs.

0321 Technologies, LLC,

Feb, 2013 to June, 2019

Team Lead Mobile App Developer

  • Provide strong experience in mobile development of internal and/or customer-facing mobile solutions.
  • Deliver across the entire app life cycle –concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and support.
  • Expertise in consultation knowledge on information agriculture, human-computer interaction, and usability design principles.
  • Provide experience in multitasking and good management skills. Set up daily standards using popcorn communication methods and set ceremonies for sprint grooming and sprint retrospective.
  • Provide strong project management skills, specifically working with deadlines and estimating the duration of a project.
  • Provide strong soft skills, including experience in facilitation, diplomacy, and conflict resolution.
  • Share a deep understanding of software development life cycle along with working knowledge of SCM with strong emphasis on Git and Git Flow.
  • Coding and consulting knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SwiftUI and Swift, Objective C, Java, and Kotlin.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills (verbal and written) to establish a working relationship with various departments locally and internationally.

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