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Pixel Camera 9.4 rolling out: Pro lens selection, HDR+, more [U]

The excitement surrounding Google's June Feature Drop is far from over, as the tech giant continues to roll out updates to its suite of applications. In the latest wave, Pixel Camera 9.4 is making headlines with a substantial update that brings a host of new features, including manual lens selection and HDR+ capabilities, as initially reported by 9to5Google. Pixel users can look forward to enhanced photography experiences, among other improvements, thanks to these app updates.

Manual Lens Selection

One of the standout features in Pixel Camera 9.4 is manual lens selection. This new capability allows users to actively choose which lens they want to use, rather than relying solely on the camera's automatic lens selection. This gives photographers greater creative control over their shots, empowering them to select their preferred lens based on the specific needs of the scene they're capturing.

Whether you're looking to use the ultrawide lens for expansive landscapes, the primary lens for everyday shooting, or the telephoto lens for close-ups, the decision now rests squarely in the hands of the user. This manual selection can be easily accessed from within the camera app, making it a seamless addition to the Pixel user experience.

Enhanced HDR+ Capabilities

In addition to manual lens selection, Pixel Camera 9.4 also brings enhanced HDR+ capabilities. HDR+ is a technology that captures multiple photos at different exposures and combines them to create a single image with greater dynamic range. This typically produces photos with more detail in both the highlights and shadows.

With the latest update, HDR+ has been optimized to deliver even more striking results. Users can expect improved photo quality in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring that scenes with significant contrast are rendered beautifully.

Refined User Interface

The update to Pixel Camera 9.4 isn't just about new features; there's also a refreshed user interface designed to make the camera app more intuitive. Subtle changes to the layout and design elements enhance the overall usability, ensuring that users can navigate the app effortlessly and make the most of the new functionalities.

These refinements include more accessible controls for switching between camera modes and settings, providing a smoother and more streamlined experience for photographers of all levels.

Stability and Performance Improvements

Pixel Camera 9.4 also focuses on under-the-hood improvements to increase the stability and performance of the app. This means fewer crashes, quicker load times, and a more responsive experience overall.

For users who routinely rely on their Pixel camera for both casual and professional photography, these performance enhancements are a welcome addition. Google's commitment to providing a stable and reliable camera experience continues with this latest update.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

In addition to new features and performance improvements, Pixel Camera 9.4 includes a variety of bug fixes and optimizations. These address known issues and ensure that the camera operates smoothly under different conditions.

For instance, some users previously experienced occasional glitches when switching between camera modes or lenses. With the latest update, such issues have been addressed, contributing to a more seamless user experience.

AI and Machine Learning Enhancements

Google's Pixel cameras are renowned for leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver exceptional photo quality. The Pixel Camera 9.4 update continues this trend by incorporating enhancements to these technologies.

These advancements mean that features like Night Sight, Portrait Mode, and Super Res Zoom are more intelligent and deliver even better results. The camera can better recognize different scenes and apply the optimal settings to capture stunning photos every time.

Improved Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode, a favorite among Pixel users for creating beautiful depth-of-field effects, has also received an upgrade. With the latest update, the mode produces more accurate edge detection and natural-looking blur, resulting in professional-quality portrait shots.

Whether you're capturing a picture of a friend or a beloved pet, the improved Portrait Mode ensures that your subject stands out beautifully against a softly blurred background.

Night Sight Enhancements

Night Sight, Google's acclaimed low-light photography feature, benefits from further enhancements in the Pixel Camera 9.4 update. This mode, which allows users to capture clear and detailed photos in extremely low-light conditions, has been refined to deliver even better results.

With this update, Night Sight is more capable than ever of producing bright and detailed images, even in scenarios where lighting is minimal.

Video Recording Improvements

Pixel Camera 9.4 doesn't just focus on still photography; significant improvements have been made to video recording as well. Users can expect enhancements in video stabilization, providing smoother recording, even in shaky conditions.

Additionally, improved audio capture ensures that the sound quality matches the visual excellence of the video, making it perfect for capturing memorable moments and sharing them with others.

Feature Availability

The rollout of Pixel Camera 9.4 is part of the broader June Feature Drop, and it's gradually becoming available to Pixel users. As with previous updates, the availability of specific features may vary based on the model of the Pixel phone you own.

Users are advised to keep their Google Play Services updated to ensure they receive the latest features and improvements as soon as they become available.

Community Feedback

As always, Google takes user feedback seriously, and this update reflects the company's responsiveness to the needs and desires of its community. Pixel users have consistently praised the camera's capabilities, and the new features introduced in Pixel Camera 9.4 aim to build on this positive reception.

Google encourages users to continue providing feedback to help shape future updates and ensure the Pixel camera remains a formidable tool for photography enthusiasts.

Looking Ahead

While the June Feature Drop has brought a wealth of new features and improvements, the roadmap for future updates remains promising. Google continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible with smartphone photography.

As technology advances and new techniques are developed, users can eagerly anticipate even more impressive updates in the future, further enhancing the Pixel camera experience.

How to Update

Updating to Pixel Camera 9.4 is simple and straightforward. Users can check for updates through the Google Play Store and ensure their camera app is running the latest version. Keeping the camera app updated is crucial for accessing the newest features and improvements.

Once updated, users can explore the new functionalities and experience firsthand the enhanced capabilities of their Pixel camera.


The Pixel Camera 9.4 update is a significant step forward in enhancing the photography experience for Pixel users. With manual lens selection, improved HDR+, refined UI, and numerous other enhancements, the update promises to deliver greater creative control and superior image quality.

As the June Feature Drop continues to roll out, Pixel users have much to look forward to. This latest update reaffirms Google's commitment to innovation and excellence in smartphone photography, ensuring that Pixel remains at the forefront of the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates and continue to explore the possibilities with your Pixel camera. The world of photography is evolving, and with Pixel Camera 9.4, you're well-equipped to capture stunning moments with ease and precision.

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