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In a thrilling showdown, the Cleveland Cavaliers emerged victorious against the Orlando Magic with a final score of 96-86, extending their lead to 2-0 in the first-round Eastern Conference series. Donovan Mitchell led the charge with an impressive 23 points, showcasing his scoring prowess on the court. Meanwhile, Jarrett Allen dominated the boards with an extraordinary 20 rebounds, proving to be a formidable force in the paint for the Cavaliers.The game was an intense battle from start to finish, with both teams vying for supremacy in a high-stakes matchup. The Cavaliers exhibited resilience and determination, fending off the Magic's offensive assaults and executing with precision on the offensive end. Mitchell's scoring outburst combined with Allen's dominance on the glass proved to be the difference-maker, propelling the Cavaliers to a hard-fought victory and placing them in a favorable position as they head into the next game of the series.With their commanding 2-0 lead, the Cavaliers are primed to continue their quest for postseason success and advance to the next round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The team's collective effort and stellar performances from key players like Mitchell and Allen have bolstered their confidence and instilled a sense of optimism among fans. As the series unfolds, all eyes will be on the Cavs as they look to maintain their winning momentum and secure a spot in the conference semifinals.

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