NVDA shares fall 10% as major indices decline

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NVDA shares fall 10% as major indices decline

**NVDA shares fall 10% as major indices decline**

Shares of leading designer of graphics chips Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) took a hit in the afternoon session, dropping by 10% as major indices faced losses. The Nasdaq experienced a 2.1% decline, while the S&P 500 fell by 0.9%. This drop comes as a response to Netflix's mixed results, marking the beginning of the new earnings season.

Netflix, the video-streaming giant, provided underwhelming sales guidance for the full year and predicted a deceleration in growth for the second half of the year. In a surprising move, Netflix also announced that it will stop disclosing subscriber counts, effective immediately. This announcement has caused uncertainty and speculation among investors, contributing to the overall negative sentiment in the market.

Investors are closely monitoring the developments in tech stocks, particularly as earnings season kicks off. The uncertainties surrounding Netflix's future performance and the decision to withhold subscriber counts have added to the volatility in the market. As major indices continue to fluctuate, the tech sector remains under scrutiny, impacting companies like Nvidia and their stock performance.

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