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In a move that could have significant implications for the bakery industry in the Baltic region, Fazer Group is contemplating merging its two existing bakeries into a single production unit in Latvia. This strategic decision could potentially result in the loss of 185 jobs, raising concerns among employees and stakeholders in the region.The consolidation of the Baltic bakeries is part of Fazer Group's broader restructuring efforts aimed at optimizing its operations and enhancing efficiency. By streamlining production into a centralized unit, the company seeks to leverage economies of scale and improve competitiveness in the market. However, the proposed job cuts have sparked apprehension among the workforce and local communities impacted by the decision.As discussions continue regarding the consolidation of the Baltic bakeries, stakeholders are closely monitoring developments and seeking clarity on the implications for the affected employees. Fazer Group's decision underscores the challenges faced by companies in navigating an increasingly competitive business environment while striving to balance operational efficiency with workforce considerations. The outcome of this restructuring initiative will undoubtedly have far-reaching repercussions for the bakery sector in the Baltic region.

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