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Title: Ellie Shank and Ben Koch Named LSU Nominees for H. Boyd McWhorter Scholar-AthleteLSU Beach Volleyball's Ellie Shank and Men's Tennis' Ben Koch have been selected by the conference office as the LSU nominees for the prestigious H. Boyd McWhorter Scholar-Athlete Award. This recognition highlights their outstanding achievements both on the field and in the classroom, showcasing their commitment to excellence in all aspects of student-athlete life.Ellie Shank, a standout player for LSU's Beach Volleyball team, has demonstrated exceptional dedication to her sport and academics. Her leadership skills, work ethic, and passion for both athletics and education have set her apart as a true scholar-athlete. Shank's ability to balance the demands of being a competitive athlete while excelling academically is a testament to her unwavering commitment to success on and off the court.Ben Koch, representing Men's Tennis at LSU, embodies the qualities of a scholar-athlete with his remarkable achievements both in sports and academics. His perseverance, discipline, and academic excellence have made him a role model for his peers. Koch's dedication to his craft and his determination to succeed serve as an inspiration to all student-athletes striving for excellence in their athletic and academic pursuits.In conclusion, Ellie Shank and Ben Koch's nominations for the H. Boyd McWhorter Scholar-Athlete Award reflect their exceptional abilities, hard work, and dedication to both their athletic and academic endeavors. Their achievements serve as a reminder of the importance of balancing excellence in sports and academics, showcasing the true essence of what it means to be a scholar-athlete at LSU.

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