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Title: Israel Launches Retaliatory Missile Strike at IranIsrael launched at least one missile strike at Iran early Friday morning, U.S. officials confirmed to CBS News, in apparent retaliation for last weekend's drone and missile attack. The strike comes at a time of heightened tensions between the two nations, with each accusing the other of aggression and provocation. The latest escalation underscores the volatile situation in the region, as both countries continue to flex their military might and engage in tit-for-tat actions.The missile strike, which targeted Iranian military installations, reportedly caused significant damage and casualties. This incident marks a dangerous turn in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Iran, with the potential to further destabilize the already volatile Middle East region. The attack has raised concerns among international observers, who fear that the situation could quickly spiral out of control and lead to a full-blown military confrontation between the two countries. As the situation continues to unfold, the international community is closely monitoring the developments and urging both Israel and Iran to exercise restraint and engage in diplomatic dialogue to prevent further escalation. The United States, a key ally of Israel, has expressed support for Israel's right to defend itself against threats but has also called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The coming days and weeks will be crucial in determining the future trajectory of the Israel-Iran conflict and its potential impact on regional stability.

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