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Title: Jack Leiter's Tough Outing: Giving Up Seven Earned Runs Before Being Pulled in the Fourth InningJack Leiter, the highly-touted pitcher for the New York Yankees, had a tough outing in his latest start against the Boston Red Sox. On a chilly evening at Fenway Park, Leiter struggled to find his rhythm from the very beginning. The Red Sox hitters wasted no time in capitalizing on his lack of command, jumping out to an early lead in the first inning.Despite his best efforts, Leiter continued to struggle with his control throughout the game. He gave up a string of hits and walks, allowing the Red Sox to extend their lead with each passing inning. By the time the fourth inning rolled around, Leiter had already given up seven earned runs, completely unraveling on the mound. The Yankees had no choice but to pull him from the game, hoping to limit the damage and give their bullpen a chance to keep the game within reach.

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