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In a sudden turn of events, Las Vegas Aces star Kelsey Plum and NFL tight end Darren Waller have announced their decision to part ways after just a little over a year of marriage. This news has come as a shock to many fans who were unaware of any issues in the couple's relationship. Online records now show a joint petition for divorce, marking the end of their brief union.Kelsey Plum, known for her impressive skills on the basketball court, and Darren Waller, a prominent figure in the NFL, had tied the knot in a private ceremony last year, leaving fans thrilled for the couple's future together. However, it seems that challenges behind closed doors have led to this unexpected split. Details surrounding the reasons for their divorce remain undisclosed, as both parties have chosen to keep the matter private.The news of Kelsey Plum and Darren Waller's separation has sparked a wave of speculation and concern among their followers. While this marks the end of their romantic relationship, fans are hopeful that both individuals will find peace and happiness in their respective paths moving forward. As they navigate this difficult time, supporters are sending their well wishes to the former couple and respecting their privacy during this challenging period.

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