"Philly braces for a cold snap"

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"Philly braces for a cold snap"

Lower Gwynedd Township, Pa. (April 12, 2024) — The Philadelphia PGA Section is making strides in its mission to support and grow the game of golf as it proudly renews its partnership with COBRA PUMA Golf. This exciting collaboration signifies a continued dedication to providing high-quality equipment and apparel to golfers in the Philadelphia area, further enhancing the golfing experience for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

COBRA PUMA Golf has long been known for its innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to performance, making them a natural fit for the Philadelphia PGA Section. With this renewed partnership, local golfers can look forward to accessing top-of-the-line equipment and apparel that will help elevate their game to new heights. The Philadelphia PGA Section is thrilled to continue working closely with COBRA PUMA Golf to bring these premium offerings to the golfing community in the region.

As the partnership between the Philadelphia PGA Section and COBRA PUMA Golf flourishes, golfers can expect to see an even greater emphasis on quality, performance, and style. This collaboration serves as a testament to the ongoing commitment of both organizations to supporting the growth of golf in the Philadelphia area and ensuring that players have access to the best tools and resources to enhance their game. With this partnership extension, the future looks bright for golfers in Philadelphia and beyond.

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