Ronald Acuna Jr.: A Rising Star in MLB

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Ronald Acuna Jr.: A Rising Star in MLB

As fantasy baseball managers reel from the devastating news of Ronald Acuna Jr.'s season-ending ACL injury, the search for replacements becomes crucial. Acuna, the standout Atlanta Braves outfielder, was a top-tier contributor in all fantasy categories, making his absence a significant loss for any team. However, with the right strategies and pickups, managers can mitigate the impact of his absence. Here are 10 fantasy baseball pickups to help fantasy managers looking to replace Ronald Acuna Jr.'s production in the lineup.

Outfield Options

With Acuna's void in the outfield, managers should look to add high-impact outfielders who can provide a combination of power, speed, and run production.

Jesse Winker, OF, Cincinnati Reds

Winker has been a breakout star this season, displaying power and a high batting average. His consistent production can help offset the loss of Acuna's offensive output.

Kyle Schwarber, OF, Washington Nationals

Schwarber has been on a tear recently, showcasing his power with multiple home runs. His hot streak makes him a valuable pickup to boost your team's power numbers.

Teoscar Hernandez, OF, Toronto Blue Jays

Hernandez is a five-tool player who can contribute in multiple fantasy categories. His blend of power and speed makes him a solid replacement for Acuna.

Infield Options

While Acuna primarily played in the outfield, managers may need to make adjustments in their infield to compensate for his absence.

Jonathan India, 2B/3B, Cincinnati Reds

India has emerged as a rookie sensation, providing a rare combination of power and speed from the middle infield positions. His versatility adds depth to your lineup.

What to Look for in Free Agents

When scouring the waiver wire for potential pickups, managers should prioritize players who can offer immediate impact in the categories where Acuna excelled.

Power Hitters

Seek out players who can provide home runs and RBIs to make up for Acuna's power numbers.


Players who can contribute in stolen bases are valuable commodities in fantasy baseball, especially in the absence of Acuna's speed on the basepaths.

High Batting Average

Adding players with a high batting average can help maintain a competitive edge in the category in Acuna's absence.


While losing Ronald Acuna Jr. is undoubtedly a blow to fantasy teams everywhere, proactive managers can navigate the injury by making strategic pickups and adjustments to their lineups. By targeting the right players who can replicate Acuna's production in various categories, fantasy managers can stay competitive and potentially overcome this setback. With the right moves and a bit of luck, teams can weather the storm and continue their pursuit of fantasy baseball glory.

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