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Updated: 12:14 PM MST, Sat December 3, 2022

Google announced that they are shutting down the Duplex technology on the Web, a project that would bring artificial intelligence (AI) smarts to retail sites and more

Google Pulls Back On Duplex's Role To Protect People From The AI Assistant Google's Duplex is the l...

Updated: 11:22 AM MST, Wed November 30, 2022

Apple awarded its winners for the 2022 App Store Awards.

For the tenth year in a row, Apple has announced its list of App Store award winners for this year. ...

Updated: 7:18 AM MST, Tue November 29, 2022

The US government has taken action to ban the use of Huawei, ZTE, and Hikvision technology in certain situations over fears of unacceptable spying.

The U.S. government has banned certain brands of Chinese telecommunications and video surveillance e...

Updated: 3:12 PM MST, Tue November 15, 2022

Google will pay a $391.5M settlement for illegally tracking people with their Android devices. Sobeys, the second largest chain in Canada, has been hacked and is investigating. The EU will ad

Affiliates are usually responsible for the product quality on their website. As a result, it can be ...

Updated: 2:11 PM MST, Tue November 15, 2022

Amazon has announced that they will be laying off 10,000 workers over the course of this year. In his memo to the company's board of directors, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos warned businesses to

The cuts are expected to affect corporate employees most heavily, according to a person familiar wit...

Updated: 1:37 PM MST, Tue November 15, 2022

Elon Musk, who is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has fired a Twitter software engineer after a controversy with him. They were debating on why Twitter is working slower than it used to.

Elon Musk made headlines recently when he publicly fought with software engineer Eric Frohnhoefer ov...

Updated: 6:38 AM MST, Tue November 8, 2022

$3.36 Billion in Bitcoin were recovered by the Justice Department after Silk Road was shut down because it was found to be illegal.

Zhong pleaded guilty Friday to one count of wire fraud, which could result in 20 years in prison. ...

Updated: 5:20 AM MST, Tue November 8, 2022

Walgreens's VillageMD signed a $9 billion acquisition for Summit Health. The deal marks the largest physician deal of the year.

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Cigna's Healthcare Unit, and Evernorth Investments have jointly unveiled t...

Updated: 4:47 AM MST, Tue November 8, 2022

The staff of Twitter has been reduced, due to the lack in advertising revenue by Elon Musk.

Twitter staff announced that their communications, human rights, and machine learning ethics teams w...

Updated: 12:21 PM MST, Tue November 1, 2022

Apple Launches New Website Specifically for IT Security Researchers

What is IT Security?  In recent years, the number of data breaches has increased dramatically. As ...

Updated: 4:18 PM MST, Tue October 25, 2022

Apple just began making payments to small developers through their Small Developer Assistance Fund.

As part of a lawsuit against Apple, US developers demanded that the company lower their "profit-kill...

Updated: 3:28 AM MST, Sun October 23, 2022

Meta's Future Planning Report: Shining Light on Idealistic Vision

Meta has recently published an in-depth report about its plans for the metaverse and how it will w...
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